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For more information, please contact Lynne Farrell, Hon. Secretary, at the phone number shown below or add a comment on this website.

01524 761064

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  1. Harlan Svoboda

    My name is Dr. Harlan Svoboda and I am the Herbarium Curator at the United States National Arboretum as well as the Associate Editor for the Index Herbariorum, a database of all herbaria (collections of dried plant specimens) around the world. We are updating this database and noticed that the Kendal Natural History Society is listed as having an herbarium but we currently have no contact information, data about the collection, or know if it’s even still in existence. Here is the online record for your convenience: If possible, could someone from your Society contact me with information about your herbarium? Thank you.

    1. Judith Robinson Post author

      Dear Dr Svoboda,
      On behalf of Kendal Natural History Society, I write to inform you that it is Kendal Natural History Museum which holds several herbaria, including one extensive herbarium collected by Mr James Martindale in the nineteenth century at the time when the Museum was run by the Kendal Natural History Society. There is no longer any connection. Please contact Kendal Natural History Museum


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