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Winter programme 2018-19

All meetings will be held at the Friends Meeting House, Stramongate, Kendal, starting at 7.30 p.m.

24 September 2018    Butterfly Conservation Projects in the Morecambe Bay area by Martin Wain

An illustrated talk which will give a unique insight into many of the conservation projects and partnerships across South Cumbria and North Lancashire.

8 October 2018        

The Amazing Moths of Cumbria by Martin Tordoff

Photographs based on extensive moth trapping in a Kendal garden will provide a unique record of over 500 species, some never previously recorded in Cumbria, and show that ‘Moths are Beautiful’!

22 October 2018      A Bird Project at Kendal Museum by  Judith Robinson

An illustrated account of a ten year volunteer project, involving the cataloguing of some 1700 bird specimens, checking their identities and updating their names. The talk will include some tales of the fascinating detective-work involved and various diversions from the main project.

12 November 2018

Mammals and birds at sea: from Scotland to Cortez by Rob Petley-Jones

RPJ’s experiences of looking for seabirds and marine mammals from British waters to the Sea of Cortez via Biscay and Madeira, including the value and satisfaction of surveying British waters as a Volunteer Marine Researcher for Marinelife.

26 November 2018    A Tour of African Birds by David Talbot

An introduction to some of the favourite African birds of a well-travelled and outstanding wildlife photographer.

10 December 2018   Members’ night      Short items by members. Visitors welcome as usual.

Jean Ellwood: ‘In Love with a Two-tailed Pasha’

Lynne Farrell: ‘Autumn Ladies Tresses’

Dorothy Grace: ‘Pantanal Preview’

John Holman: ‘The Canadian Rockies’

John Mounsey: ‘Galls’

Judith Robinson: ‘The Danube Delta’

14 January 2019    Travels in Alaska by John Mounsey

A Camping trip from Prudhoe Bay on the Arctic Ocean to Kodiak Island in the Gulf of Alaska, keeping an eye open for wildlife, from bears to butterflies and spruce to salmonberries.

28 January 2019    Conservation Grazing in South Lakeland Nature Reserves by Bill Grayson

How organic grazing is playing a major role in keeping many of our most treasured nature reserves in such good condition.

11 February 2019   The Birds and Life of Leighton Moss by David Mower

An illustrated talk focusing on both the birds and development of one of the RSPB’s ‘Flagship’ sites in Northern England.

25 February 2019  The Pantanal: Brazil’s Wet Wild West by Dorothy Grace

At the height of the wet season The Pantanal, in south-west Brazil, is the world’s largest inland wetland. The talk looks at the wildlife of this amazing area in the dry season, when the water has returned to the river courses. These become a magnet for wildlife – birds, mammals and reptiles – all feeding on the abundant fish and vegetation, and for the animals that in turn feed on them.

11 March 2019 The First Fred Gould Memorial Lecture:

Jointly sponsored by Kendal Natural History Society and Cumbria Bird Club:

    Fred Gould, wildlife photographer      by Gary and Lindsey Gould 

Wildlife photos taken by Fred Gould during his lifetime. . . As Fred was ‘old school’, the show will be slides, not digital.

25 March 2019  Annual General Meeting 

The business meeting will be followed by a short presentation on the History of Kendal Natural History Society, by Judith Robinson