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Winter Programme 2016-17

All meetings start at 7.30 p.m. at the Friends Meeting House, Stramongate, Kendal

26 Sept 2016 Bryan Yorke      The Birds and Flowers of Hutton Roof.   

Visible Migration of birds travelling over Hutton Roof, also the actual birds that breed on Hutton Roof and lots of stuff on flowers especially hybrid orchids and also lots about the ferns etc etc.

10 Oct 2016 Steve Halliwell      “Oh Dear! What can the ‘Machair’ be?”

The story of an endangered habitat and its flora.

24 Oct 2016 Richard Evans      Progress with Avian Predators   

Joint meeting with South Lakeland RSPB Group

The state of British raptor populations in the 21st Century, with digital illustrations, and several short films.

14 Nov 2016 Alasdair Grubb      The RSPB and the Dee Estuary. Past, Present and Future 

Joint meeting with Cumbria Bird Club 

A journey through the time the RSPB has spent on the Dee Estuary (Cheshire) from its small acquisition in 1979, through much more acquisition and development of visitor facilities and wildlife spectacle.

28 Nov 2016 Alan Oatway      Patagonia: Peaks, Plants and Penguins 

Spring in the southern Andes of Chile and Argentina, scenery, flowers and other wildlife.

12 Dec 2016 Members’ night.  Short items by members: (Visitors welcome).

Jean Ellwood   Andalusian treats

David Gaulton   North Norfolk coast

Dorothy Grace   Fantastic fungi

John Holman   South Africa

John Mounsey   The Great Orme

Judith Robinson    Spring in Extremadura

9 Jan 2017 John Mounsey       Hay Bridge Nature Reserve in the Rusland valley – its history and its variety of wildlife

The reserve was established in 1971, and was bought in 1998 by the John Strutt Conservation Trust. It has a wide variety of habitats, including Mosses, Fens, Pastures, Coppiced and uncoppiced Woodland and ponds. Mammals, Birds, Plants, Reptiles and Insects will be mentioned in the talk.

23 Jan 2017 Edward Acland       Guardening / Managing the land 

Our 15 acre small holding attempts to manage the land in the interest of ALL creatures and wildlife that reside therein, not just human beings!  Conservation and biodiversity are a key part of our philosophy

13 Feb 2017 Judith Robinson      A visit to the Gambia

A fortnight in the Gambia, including trips up-river and over the border into Senegal. The talk will feature birds, butterflies, dragonflies & other wildlife.

27 Feb 2017 Alan and Julie Walker      The Wild, Wild West in Winter

The talk looks at the local wildlife and some other animals you can find in the mountains together with the landscape in the states of;  Montana, Colorado, Wyoming and Utah during the Winter. The talk also covers photography tips for capturing the landscape and nature in the extreme cold

13 Mar 2017 Dorothy Grace       ‘The Falkland Islands – a different Britain

Although the Falkland Islands are at the same latitude south as the UK is north, this little piece of Britain in the South Atlantic Ocean is very different.

27 Mar 2017 AGM & Quiz of Natural History Objects