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Winter Programme 2017-18

Meetings are held at the Friends Meeting House, Stramongate, Kendal, starting at 7.30p.m.

25 September 2017     Chris Winnick    Conservation of butterflies in Cumbria and Lancashire   (Conservation projects to help our rare butterflies survive.)

9 October 2017 Peter Mawby     The Distance Between   (The significance of territory in the lives and survival of birds.)

23 October 2017 Lynne Farrell   Updating the Flora of Mull, Coll and Tiree   (Plants, geology, scenery, recording on the islands over 20 years.)

13 November 2017 Stuart Atkinson  ‘Home’   (The universe is huge – where exactly does Earth fit into it? What’s around us? What are we a part of? And what does the future hold for Earth – and for us?)

27 November 2017 Ken Taylor  In the Forests of the Night    (Through the heart of India in search of the Royal Bengal Tiger)

11 December 2017  members’ night – short items by members. Visitors welcome. Featuring: Jean Ellwood – Andalusian safari; Lynne Farrell – Fern; Dorothy Grace – A Glimpse of the Pantanal; John Mounsey – Wasps; and Judith Robinson – Autumn in the Netherlands.

8 January 2018 John Mounsey Wildlife in Our Garden   (A selection of plants, animals and fungi and their interactions observed over rather a long time.)

22 January 2018    Julia Pigott    Bees in hay-meadows 

  • Bees & flowers – evolution
  • Summary of hay meadow/mini meadow in garden information
  • Who is pollinating flowers in hay meadows
  • How bees and hay meadow flowers interact
  • How to manage hay meadows and mini garden meadows to benefit pollinators

12 February 2018    Keeley Spate    Cumbria BogLIFE Project   (Undisturbed lowland raised bog in the UK has diminished by 94% over the past century. The BogLIFE project is restoring over 500ha of degraded raised bog across three areas in Cumbria, benefiting the special wildlife that lives there and enhancing the wider environment.)

26 February 2018    Allan Pentecost    Lichens   (An introduction followed by an illustrated summary of the Lake District lichens)

12 March 2018   Dorothy Grace   Land of the Lonesome Pine: Natural History of the Cairngorm Area.     This area of Scotland contains a range of habitat types, from highest mountain tops through pine and birch woodlands and heather moor to raised bog, and is home to a wealth of flora and fauna.

26 March 2018    AGM and quiz